Whitten & Lublin shows ’em who’s boss

From The Devil Wears Prada, to Horrible Bosses and 9 to 5, the “bad boss” is a reliable comic foil. After all, who doesn’t love seeing a total jerk get their comeuppance?

That’s the basis of a new campaign from Toronto employment law firm Whitten & Lublin, called “Bad Bosses Hate Us.” The digital campaign is intended to stand out amid a sea of frequently earnest ads, all them tempting prospective clients with a promise of fair compensation.

Instead, Whitten & Lublin and its agency partner One Twenty Three West have placed the focus not on one of its lawyers, or even a satisfied client, but instead on someone who actually hates what the law firm has been able to achieve for unfairly dismissed employees: a bad boss.

The 30-second lead spot opens on a white-haired boss sitting behind his expensive desk and wearing an expensive suit. “You know who I hate? Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers,” he says to the camera. He then opens up one of the firm’s brochures explaining its focus on empowering those who’ve been wrongfully dismissed.

“Well, isn’t that just great,” he says, sweeping a chess set off his desk. Reading further about the firm’s commitment to get clients what they’re owed, he asks about what he’s owned. The spot ends with him shredding a Whitten & Lublin brochure.

The campaign also features a series called “Bad Bosses Read Good Reviews” where the disgruntled CEO offers his commentary on real reviews left by satisfied clients.

According to research conducted by Whitten & Lublin, 82% of people have left their job because of a bad boss, yet only 9% seek help from an employment lawyer to deal with it. “There are a lot of great bosses. But there are also some bad ones who create toxic environments and don’t follow the law when dismissing employees. This campaign is a way to show potential clients we’re here to help,” said the firm’s CMO, Maria Melo-Boone.




Chris Powell