iÖGO is making other snack food jealous

Who: Lactalis, with The Hive for strategy and creative; Rodeo for production / animation; and Zenith for media.

What: “Snack Ballads,” an upbeat new brand platform for the Canadian yogurt brand iÖGO, in which jilted (less healthy) snack options sing its praises.

When & Where: The campaign is live now, running in French and English on TV, as online video, along with social, out-of-home, and point of sale.

Why: This is The Hive’s first campaign for the brand, and Lactalis wanted the agency to lean into iÖGO’s quirky brand personality with creative that playful and joyful.

“iÖGO is such a fun brand and we took great care to stay true to its light-hearted DNA,” said Sacha Ouimet, co-executive creative director at The Hive. “The brief was simple—yogurt snacks should be fun for everyone.”

“Yogurt advertising can sometimes take itself a little too seriously, and that’s just not iÖGO,” added Marjorie Houle, marketing director at Lactalis.

How: The platform is being launched with a 30-second spot that mixes animation and real-life action. It opens with an animated cupcake singing a bluesy show tune after being passed over by a (real-life) woman who goes to her fridge looking for a snack.

“It used to be me, she ate at snack time, but now she loves iÖGO,” he sings, with the rest of the lyrics describing the product and benefits—made with real fruit, smooth, creamy and tasty. Eventually the song turns into a duet, as cupcake is joined by warbling, wobbling red jello.

As the smiling woman enjoys her iÖGO—complete with the brand’s umlauts floating over her head—a voiceover delivers the closing line: “iÖGO, snack it up.”

This is first creative for the platform, which will use other snack food that could be jealous of what iÖGO offer.

And we quote: “The brand’s personality has always been a bit quirky and this work delivers just that while sharing with consumers all the rational things that are important to them when looking for a great snack option,” said Houle.

David Brown