Samantha Kelley named CEO for Touché and OMG in Montreal

It looks like Alain Desormiers gets to retire again now that Samatha Kelley has been named Canadian CEO of Touché, and OMG’s operations in Montreal.

“With more than a decade as a key leader of the team that has made Touché one of Canada’s fastest-growing media agencies, including becoming #1 in creativity, Samantha has driven success for a broad range of clients,” said Omnicom Media Group Canada Cam Reston.

Along with Kelley’s appointment, OMG also announced that Charles Etienne Morier has been named chief operating officer for both Touché Canada and OMG Montreal, reporting to Kelley.

After retiring at the end of 2022, Touché founder Desormiers was called back into action in June, when Karine Courtemanche—his replacement—left the company to join Cossette.

At that time, OMG said that as interim CEO, Desormier would work alongside Kelley and Charles-Étienne Morier, who were named the respective presidents of Touché! Canada and OMG Montreal a few months prior.

It didn’t take long for OMG to conclude that Kelley and Morier could take over on their own, though it said Desormiers will stick around as a strategic advisor. “These moves are testament to the strength and depth of talent within our organization,” said Ralph Pardo, CEO Omnicom Media Group North America.

“As President of Touché in Montreal and Toronto, Samantha’s entrepreneurial media leadership helped clients integrate new approaches and tools into their businesses,” said Reston. “She will drive the implementation of the agencies’ business strategy, cultivate and nurture robust and genuine client relationships, and foster an inspiring and creative work environment for all employees, all with the aim of securing the company’s long-term success, both for the Toronto and Montreal offices.”

Morier’s new COO position is also new for the organization. He’ll oversee operational strategy, advocate for internal best practices, and maintain the implementation of OMG tools, technologies, and new services.

“Charles Etienne has partnered with Samantha since they joined Touché together in 2007,” said Reston. “He made significant contributions to the establishment of the agency’s digital services and has built the structures that have supported Touché and OMG Montreal’s tremendous growth.”

David Brown