QuickBooks takes flight with Quebec campaign

Intuit QuickBooks is once again walking on air, with a new wave of advertising in its one-year-old Quebec brand platform “Soyez au-dessus de vos affaires” (“On Top of Your Business”).

Last year’s platform debut marked QuickBooks’ first Quebec-specific advertising in about five years, making it one of the few global brands to create advertising specifically tailored for the French market, said Éric Blais, president of Intuit QuickBooks’ agency partner, Headspace.

It was rewarded for efforts, with Intuit Canada reporting a double-digit increase in new subscribers in Quebec during the original campaign period (Aug. 1 to April 23). The campaign is a finalist in this year’s CMA Awards in the Brand Building—Business category.

Once again targeting the province’s fast-growing entrepreneurial community, the new ads show business owners Fabio and Alice “floating” above the ground as they go about their daily routine, a visual representation of how Quickbooks helps them stay on top of their business.

Both spots conclude with Fabio and Alice happily making their way to a recreational activity, only to encounter another business-owner who is saddled with paperwork.

According to a “making-of” video produced by Headspace, the walking on air effect was achieved by having the two actors mimic the act of walking while attached to a rail-mounted hoist.

The campaign will also shine a spotlight on some of the province’s small business owners through a series of digital-only videos. The first wave of ads feature entrepreneurs Sarah Takforyan, the person behind the candy subscription business La boîte à bonbons; and Félix Lapointe of Ferreol Skis, a Gen Z who designs and manufactures backcountry skis.

“The remarkable achievements of small businesses over the past year, despite a less than favourable macroeconomic climate, underscores the importance of empowering small businesses to stay on top of their finances with the help of business tools like QuickBooks,” said Puja Subrun, director of marketing for Intuit QuickBooks Canada.

Chris Powell