Desjardins’ big-hearted attempt to win over consumers

Who: Desjardins Insurance, with Bleublancrouge for strategy and creative; Partners Film for production (directed by Joachim Back); Darling VFX & Colour for post-production; Rooster for editing; Vapor Music for audio; Glassroom for media.

What: “Sizeable Care,” a campaign promoting the insurance firm’s reputation as a large yet caring guardian for its customers.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running through October with a media buy that includes TV/OLV, social, radio and out-of-home.

Why: The country’s largest cooperative, Desjardins has been in business for more than 120 years, and regards “big heartedness” as a key part of its DNA. This campaign is literally an effort to show people just how big-hearted it really is by portraying itself as a (very) large and caring guardian.

How: The campaign’s lead spot takes viewers through a day in the life of a Desjardins representative, who is actually a giant.

He drinks coffee from a gallon-sized cup, and uses his size and strength to make the day better for people in the town in which he lives—whether it’s helping push a stalled school bus out of the middle of an intersection, or lifting a fallen tree that’s blocking the road.

The spot’s giant effect was achieved through a combination of practical and special effects, said Bleublancrouge creative director Brandon Tralman-Baker. While the actor featured in the spot is actually tall (six-feet, five inches), director Joachim Black and his team used both forced perspective and props like a large coffee cup and miniature baseball to achieve some of the visual effects.

The fallen tree featured in the spot was created entirely using CGI, while the team created a custom-built bus back-end to achieve the desired scale for that shot.”Those were seemingly small details that made a big difference in creating that realistic look and feel we were going for,” said Tralman-Baker.

The out-of-home component uses the medium’s physical boundaries to depict the giant’s size. One board shows the giant contorting his body to fit within its borders, while a second shows his head and shoulders protruding beyond the frame. Both executions feature the headline “Insurance with a heart so big, it shows.”

And we quote: “Insurance was born out of the need to take care of one another. At Desjardins Insurance, this is something we take to heart each and every day in the way we protect and support the needs of our clients and care for the communities we serve.” — Lora Kavanagh, senior director, marketing communications for Ontario, Atlantic and Western Regions, Desjardins

Chris Powell