Catelli welcomes consumers to ‘Pastaland’

Who: Catelli, with LG2 for strategy and creative; Little Giant for production / animation; Grayson Music for sound and music; OMD Canada for media.

What: “Fork,” an animated spot introducing Pastaland, a visually striking attempt to differentiate Catelli from its competitors in the crowded and commoditized pasta space.

When & Where: Catelli first brought Pastaland to consumers through an online campaign late last year, which was followed by a brief TV run in February.

Based on what it described as “highly positive” viewer feedback, the brand is now boosting its presence with a sports-heavy media buy that includes spots running during Toronto Blue Ja- (oh, never mind) and Raptors games, as well as a partnership with the Edmonton Oilers. The TV spot is being complemented by online and digital out-of-home.

The primary target is working parents trying to balance healthy, affordable options with food their family will actually want to eat, said LG2 creative director Jeff Cheung.

Why: Catelli said that Pastaland is intended to evoke the “humble, handmade quality” of its products, as seen through the eyes of a child. The spot is a reflection of the “fun and inspiration” that Catelli brings to the table, said senior brand manager Alistair Senn.

The goal is to raise brand awareness of Catelli as an all-natural pasta choice. The campaign’s success will be measured by both  improved message recall, and more positive consumer perceptions of the brand as a better-for-you option across various consumer segments, said Cheung.

How: The 30-second anchor spot shows farmers going about their day in Pastaland, a whimsical place where the trees are made of spaghetti, and penne and fusilli grow like corn. While loading the day’s penne harvest into a truck, one farmer’s attention is drawn to a shadow passing overhead, which turns out to be fork digging into the spaghetti fields. The spot transitions to a young boy sitting at a table and eating the pasta.

“Fork” is intended to make Catelli stand out in a memorable and fun way, and animation does that in a category rife with what he called “pseudo-Italian imagery, kids eating in a kitchen, and top-down food shots. We wanted to create a spot that captured how Catelli is the natural choice: it’s the same pasta you know and love without compromising on ingredients or imagination.”

And we quote: “We love ‘Pastaland,’ and when we saw the positive response from viewers we knew we needed to expand on the universe. The spot is a true reflection of the fun and inspiration that Catelli brings to the table so we are excited to bring it to television screens throughout the fall while we build upon our next phase in 2024.” — Alistair Senn, senior brand manager, Catelli

Chris Powell