Burnbrae Farms’ new campaign is a promise for the future

Who: Burnbrae Farms, with Zulu Alpha Kilo for creative and strategy; Fuse Create/ Wavemaker for media; 1st Avenue Machine for production; Eggplant Music & Sound for audio; The Fish Agency for in-store and website redesign; and Citizen Relations for PR

What: “A Lot Goes Into a Little,” a campaign highlighting the benefits that distinguish Burnbrae’s specialty product line Naturegg from market competitors.

When & Where: Television and digital elements include a 36-second spot, and a 30-second variant featuring the new product offerings, as well as in-store POS materials, are in market now.

Why: Burnbrae Farms president and CEO Margaret Hudson said that the work communicates the next chapter of the brand’s story, with a specific focus on sustainability and innovation.

Burnbrae Farms has historically been very product focused in its creative, with campaigns typically announcing new products and innovations. This campaign marks a departure from that approach said  Zulu Alpha Kilo’s chief creative officer, Jenny Glover, unifying all of its products under a single framework.

The campaign features Burnbrae’s entire existing brand portfolio, as well as two new products: Naturegg Omega Plus Solar Free Range and Solar Free Range.

“‘A Lot Goes into a Little’ is more than a creative campaign, it’s a brand promise that serves as the foundation for all brand actions moving forward, and illustrates the care that goes into every single Burnbrae egg and the brand’s commitment to all Canadians,” said Glover.

How (the strategy): Animation has been a component of Burnbrae’s campaigns in the past, and Zulu Alpha Kilo is embracing the medium as a vehicle to communicate the brand’s history.

“By using different animation techniques for each scene, we were able to emphasize just how much goes into every Burnbrae egg. The aim was also to showcase the time, effort and expertise behind the production of a Burnbrae egg in a playful and engaging manner,” said Glover.

How (the creative): Each scene in the spot transitions through an egg-shaped portal, reminding the viewer of the product offering while highlighting contributions to the production process (like the use of omega chicken feed, free-range spaces, and solar panels.)

“Layering in multiple animation techniques added to the development time, but paid off by further illustrating how a lot goes into a little,” said Glover. “This process allows us to extract a lot more out of our spot as each element is a digital asset. This means, unlike a typical spot, each scene may be used in every medium imaginable including print and outdoor.”

Does “a lot goes into a little” also apply to the production level of this campaign video?: “Indeed, a lot of time went into the making of the video,” said Glover. “But this also gave us the opportunity to add more craft to each scene.” That includes a stop-motion oil painting, and an original soundtrack by Toronto-based composers Iain Gardiner and Michelle Ossis.

And we quote: “It’s easy for any audience to believe an egg is just an egg, but a great deal of thought goes into the feed, the generations of care and even the use of green energy to power all their barns. We couldn’t leave any unique aspect out of the process, so we decided to give audiences a glimpse of all that goes into every little egg at Burnbrae Farms.” — Margaret Hudson, president and CEO, Burnbrae Farms

Emma Johnston-Wheeler