With a cold heart, Transplant Québec encourages organ donations

For World Organ Day, Transplant Québec partnered with LG2 to erect a physical call-to-action near  Quebec City’s famed Fontaine do Tourny. The larger-than-life silicone heart, encased in a 2.4-metre-high ice wall, will be on display until Oct. 19 to raise awareness about organ donation.

The text at the bottom of the reads “don’t leave organ donation on ice,” in French, echoing Transplant Québec’s ongoing efforts to encourage the government to adopt a specific and comprehensive legislative framework to optimize organ donation in the province. On-site communication pieces invite the public to visit the organization’s website to learn more.

“Québec needs to undertake a major social reflection in order to review the laws and put in place effective processes to raise organ donation rates,” said Martine Bouchard, executive director of Transplant Québec. The organization coordinates organ donations and the process leading to transplantation to increase the availability of quality donor organs and ensure they are allocated fairly.

The strategy behind the physical activation for World Organ day was “to create a strong symbol to grab attention,” said LG2’s creative copywriter Arnaud Bourassa Francoeur and art director Bastien Collard, in a release. “Time is the most precious thing for people who are waiting for a transplant. A faux heart encased in a wall of ice dramatically illustrates the issue and symbolizes the urgency to act.”

LG2 partner and creative director Alexandre Jourdain foresees the installation advancing Transplant Québec’s mission to support patients awaiting an organ transplant by attracting media attention.

Emma Johnston-Wheeler