The Hive named Canadian Olympic Committee’s lead agency for Paris 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympics are still nine months away, but The Hive already has reason to celebrate after being named creative agency for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

The Hive will work with COC and CBC/Radio Canada for the Summer Games. While COC and the lead broadcast partner typically work on their own marketing and communications, the pair wanted to hire one agency to develop a singular campaign.

“By collaborating on this campaign, we’ll be able to engage fans across the country in new and exciting ways as we all cheer on Team Canada on the road to Paris,” said Jacqueline Ryan, chief brand and commercial officer of the COC, and CEO of the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

The COC campaigns are typically among the most high-profile assignments in any Olympic year. Epic stories of athletic determination, perseverance and accomplishment provide rich source material for campaigns seen by huge audiences.

For the past two Olympics, the work was handled by Camp Jefferson on the “Be Olympic” platform, which was introduced by Sid Lee in 2018.

“This particular collaboration between The Hive and COC and CBC/Radio-Canada is an incredible opportunity to develop work that matters deeply to Canadians, along with sharing our broader global perspective as a nation,” said The Hive president and CEO Jared Stein.

“I’m immensely proud of the work our team did to demonstrate how our unique model of collaboration will lead to impactful work for this assignment.”

David Brown