BSS spotlights students that know a little more than your average teen

Who: The Bishop Strachan School (BSS) with Good&Ready for creative and strategy; Off Screen Romance for production; Married to Giants, Wingman VFX and Alter Ego for post production; and Pirate Sound for audio.

What: “Learn more. About everything,” a new campaign exemplifying the school’s well rounded curriculum, aimed at prospective students and their families.

When & Where: The campaign consists of three 30-second ads, as well as print and social assets distributed by BSS.

Why: BSS says it is different from most grade schools in that it employs an inquiry-based curriculum through which students are encouraged to pursue a variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities. To drive interest, the school hosts an open house each fall for prospective students to visit campus and understand what sets a BSS education apart. This year, the open house falls on Oct. 28.

How: “Learn more. About everything” features real BSS students demonstrating their versatile knowledge base, relating to subjects that you wouldn’t expect from a typical high-school education–gender studies, innovation and design, and wellness, to name a few.

“[It’s] the perfect illustration of how a BSS education sparks a life-long love of learning,” said BSS’ director of marketing and communications Emily Rabe, in a press release. “Our research-informed curriculum gives our students a broad spectrum of knowledge that enables them to become leaders in their chosen pursuits.”

“The perfect reaction to this campaign would be a prospective student thinking: ‘I want to be that interested in the world, I want to know more about everything,’” Good&Ready’s partner creative Terry Drummond told The Message. “[That’s why] we looked for students that genuinely reflect that message. They are bright and interested in the world.”


Emma Johnston-Wheeler