Tims is the antidote for that zombie feeling

It’s not just the night of the living dead, you know. The mornings can also be pretty bad.

While most marketers tend to switch to holiday-themed marketing and promotions as soon as the calendar flips from October to November, the big braaaiiins at Gut Toronto and Tim Hortons are keeping the spooky Halloween vibe going a little longer.

The “No More Zombies” campaign likens people who haven’t yet had their morning coffee to the walking dead (and well, they’re not far off at all). It consists of a series of early-morning photos of people waiting at the bus stop, riding the subway, etc.

The camera captures them in the middle of an extravagant, open-mouthed yawn or, in one particularly eerie image, asleep with only the whites of their eyes visible—accompanied by the message “Halloween’s over. Wake up, zombies” and an image of a Tim Hortons cup.

The ads are running across out-of-home and social, with media from Horizon.

Tims claims the people featured in the ads are all real people “who were incredibly tired and embodied that ‘zombie feeling’ we all know too well.”

“With ‘No More Zombies,’ we’re hitting on that groggy, zombie vibe we’ve all felt, not just the morning after Halloween, but any day without our Tims coffee,” said Tim’s director of marketing, Heather MacLeod. “Halloween is great, but walking around like a zombie all year round? That’s no fun. It’s time for Tims.”

Chris Powell