Pringles’ famous mascot gets into the spirit of Movember

While many brands are reluctant to mess with their logo for any reason, Pringles took a razor to its famous Mr. P logo to help start new conversations about men’s mental health this Movember.

The social media campaign directs consumers to a special “Conversations” website, which includes articles and resources about men’s mental health, information, and therapy. There are also “practice conversations” about important topics like substance abuse, heartbreak, aging , and grief that are intended to “break down the ‘I’m Fine’ barrier that guys often construct.”

While Movember has always been about important men’s health issues of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide, it’s also become famous for the moustache’s grown by men around the world to raise money for the causes. Each Nov. 1, men start with a clean-shaven face and grow their moustache throughout the month.

As Canada’s only official partner, Pringles is also donating $125,000 to the cause and actually shaved Mr. P. The campaign is led by WeAreSocial, with Starcom for media, and Strategic Objectives for PR.

“Pringles wants to help Movember change the face of men’s mental health issues, and what better way to start than by shaving the iconic face of Mr. P?” said Nicole Gawen, Kellanova Canada’s marketing and wellbeing lead, in a release. “Pringles has always been about finding the fun in everyday moments and, through our Movember partnership, we are taking this to the next level to help men start real conversations around their mental wellbeing.”

“We love their enthusiasm for the cause and for sacrificing Mr. P’s long-standing moustache to help us raise awareness of mental health issues,” added Todd Minerson, Movember Canada country director. “It’s no surprise that most men find it tough to open up around their mental health, but Pringles’ fun yet thoughtful approach gives guys the tools to dig beyond the typical ‘I’m fine’ response.”

David Brown