Coke Zero has a new “celly” for hockey season

Who: Coca-Cola, with Taxi (as part of WPP’s Open X) for creative and strategy; 401 for production (directed by Guillaume de Fontenay); Shed Inc. for post-production, and Circonflex for audio.

What: “Best Coke Ever” a new made-in-Canada campaign for Coke Zero, built around the idea that hockey is a defining aspect of Canadian culture.

When & Where: The campaign began early last month, and is now running on TV, along with out-of-home, social and digital display.

Why: Coca-Cola launched the global “Best Coke Ever” platform for Coke Zero in 2021, and hockey remains a favourite play for brands looking to “Canadianize” their marketing.

With hockey season now nicely underway, Coke wanted to show it understands what it means to be a hockey fan in Canada, while also suggesting that a big win tastes even better if you celebrate (or “celly”) with a Coke Zero when the clock hits zero.

“This campaign embodies the unyielding passion Canadians have for hockey,” said Jacques Blanchet, Coca-Cola’s senior manager of integrated marketing experience, in a release. “Coca Cola is privileged to celebrate alongside Canadians for the hockey season. We hope that our involvement and this campaign will bring a refreshing and uplifting touch to every hockey lover’s experience.”

How: The campaign is anchored by a 30-second TV spot which opens with scenes of hockey fans, watching intensely as the clock winds down on a close game. When the clock runs out and the final buzzer goes off, the fans erupt with joy—Coke Zero in hand. The rest of the spot shows the victory celebrations as the super appears on screen: “When the buzzer hits zero, celly with Coke Zero Sugar.”

“This film is an ode to the heart-pounding moments when the game clock strikes 00:00,” said Taxi’s chief creative officer, Graham Lang. “These moments bring fans together, and throughout the game, Coca-Cola is there to refresh and share in the excitement.”


David Brown