Do you or someone you know qualify as a Mighty Woman?  We want to know about them for our 2nd Annual Mighty Women List. Anyone working in Canadian marketing and communications (media, advertising, creative, production, PR, etc.) is eligible.    

Once again this year, the end goal is to amplify stories of women in our industry doing important, meaningful, and impactful work.

That could mean amazing achievements at the office, but it could also mean someone who does their job while also accomplishing amazing things at home or in the community; perhaps they fulfill an impactful mentorship role, or have done something that has made our industry and the people within it better.

Mighty Women could be well into their career, or at the very beginning. We are purposely casting a wide net, and the criteria are deliberately open-ended: The idea is to celebrate the stories of amazing women in this industry. That is why we are call this the Mighty Women List, rather than the Mighty Women Awards.

Here’s how to enter (there is no cost):

  • First, give us the key details: The name and job title of the entrant, and how many years they have been in the industry.

Then, tell us her story (600 words maximum, with suggested word counts provided):

  • The entrant’s biggest obstacle and how she overcame it (150 words)
  • The entrant’s greatest achievement (150 words)
  • Identify the entrant’s bravest/riskiest move (150 words)
  • Any other relevant info you think our jury should consider (150 words)

Once you’ve completed your document (Word document preferred), please email it to David Brown at The Message ( and Clodagh Power at G&G (, where it will be collected and moved into the jury phase.

***Please use “Mighty Women Submission” as the subject line in the email.***


The honourees will be selected by a jury led by The Message, and G&G’s Natalie Armata and Alanna Nathanson:

Top row, left to right: Maxine McDonald: vice-president at MSL Global, co-founder and chair of Code Black;  Ira Baptiste: president of Evolve Agency Group (and Mighty Woman 2022); Mo Bofill: partner and creative director at One Twenty Three West (and Mighty Women 2022)

Bottom row, left to right: Arlene Dickinson: co-managing partner, M&A for Believeco:Parnters; Kate Bate: co-founder, and COO of Tendril Studio; Elana Gorbatyuk: global chief strategy officer at Sid Lee; and Kairen Wu: vice-president marketing of SimplyProtein.